Have you tried Colon Hydrotherapy?

I know I have been a bit gushy about Tammy from R&R Wellness lately, but she is awesome!!
I had a few colonics over the last week and I was amazed by the results and how fantastic Tammy is as a Colon Hydrotherapist. I went because my digestive system was feeling a little sluggish with a gut cleansing protocol that I’m doing. I felt a million times better after each session .

I highly recommend Tammy at R&R Wellness!!

Cris Robinson

owner, Cris Robinson Nutritional Consultant and BIE Practioner

Tammy and her Colon Hydrotherapy practice have made a huge impact on my personal health care regime journey.  Tammy is excellent at what she does and is very knowledgable in her field.  She’s always kind, calming and truly cares about my health. I’ve been struggling with Candida and feeling terrible for the past 5 years and since seeing Tammy I’ve learned how my colon plays a huge part in this.  I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and sense of well being.
Lynne Richman

Project Manager, Britco

I booked colon hydrotherapy with Tammy @ R&R Wellness Solutions when I was having difficulties with a sluggish intestinal tract. I found her to be not only knowledgeable and professional, but also very personable. Her humour and candour invited me to relax, ask questions, and ultimately resulting me in learning more from the sessions than I had anticipated. We met for a series of appointments over a two week period and I have been very pleased with the ongoing results. I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone seeking this treatment. If you go, ask for the peppermint essential oil rub!

I have had the opportunity to have several reflexology treatments from Tammy Herbst from R&R Wellness Solutions. I found Tammy to be very caring and patient. She was well prepared for my appointments and took the time to explain what she was doing and to teach me about reflexology. I was very surprised what she was able to detect about my health by working on my feet.
Coleen Ward

Co-Owner, Eriter Creations Inc.

I always enjoyed my sessions with Tammy. Her home has a relaxing environment and Tammy has a professional yet personable technique. I came away feeling revitalized in both body and spirit.
Coralee Leeson

Elementary School Teacher

I met with Tammy Herbst for a consultation for reflexology treatment. We discussed my medical history and my expectations from the treatments. At the time I was having neck and shoulder pain along with lower back pain. Over the course of five treatments I noticed many changes. I was sleeping better, less back pain and better circulation in my legs and feet. I highly recommend Tammy. She is very knowledgeable and takes the time to know and understand your needs.
Valerie Ciancio

Junior Planner, Bayer Crop Sciences

I had the most wonderful Foot Reflexology session with Tammy Herbst of R & R Wellness today. My feet feel like I’ve been walking on clouds all day and the back tightness I woke up with this morning has disappeared. I highly recommend checking her out!

Cris Robinson

Owner, Purple Carrot

I approached R&R Wellness Solutions for reflexology services I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The result from my reflexology sessions has increased my energy levels decreased my joint and muscle pain. My thinking became clearer like driving out of a fog bank. I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and professional manner. Tammy walks you through the whole process of what you may experience and explains the reaction that your body is feeling during the treatment. I no longer rely on painkillers for pain; I just book an appointment with Tammy @ R&R Wellness Solutions. Thanks Tammy
Lylia Dolen-Sweder

Owner, Yellow House Red Barn Farms

I came to Tammy Herbst to boost my health. Over many years of not eating the healthiest diet I wanted to do colon hydrotherapy treatments to get a fresh clean start. The treatments were gentle and Tammy is very professional. I feel wonderful and have more energy. Thank you Tammy!

Connie Grant

I went to R & R Wellness, for general health concerns.

I loved that Tammy was so down to earth and caring. She’s very informative about all the procedures and answers all the questions you have. She knows what she’s talking about and doing. Very reassuring as well.

I recommend all my friends and coworkers to her. I believe in alternative treatments and encourage it to others as well.

Ruby Willier

R&R Wellness Solutions

R&R Wellness has the only Colon Hydrotherapy practice in Lethbridge.

AND is the only business offering the synergies of reflexology and colonics in Southern Alberta

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