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R&R Wellness Solutions has been proudly serving Lethbridge and Southern Alberta since 2014
I approached R&R Wellness Solutions for reflexologist services. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The reflexology sessions increased my energy levels and decreased my joint and muscle pain. My thinking became clearer, like driving out of a fog bank. I no longer rely on painkillers for pain; I just book an appointment with Tammy.
Lylia Dolen-Sweder

Owner, Yellow House Red Barn Farms

All reflexology sessions include, when appropriate, Peppermint oil foot massage, heating pad, coaching for best results, and intuitive messages when available.

Why Go to a Reflexologist?

Reflexologists gently realign your body, reminding it to release toxins and get rid of congestion which can help you manage your stress levels and sleep soundly. To learn about the process and what you can expect, check our FAQs.

Reflexology not only relaxes your body, it has been proven to reduce pain and psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, and enhances sleep.

Reflexologists do not diagnose disorders but reflexology can be used to complement other treatments for conditions such as cancer, skin conditions, cardio-vascular issues, asthma, diabetes, headaches, kidney function and PMS and sinusitis.


What are the health benefits of Reflexology?

  •  Relieves Tension (You can feel the hidden tension inside of your whole body relax)
  •  Reduces Inflammation (Reduces swelling and you can walk and move easier)
  •  Improves Circulation (Healthy circulation means healthy cells and a healthy body)
  •  Reduce Congestion (Leaving you feeling lighter)
  •  Promotes Relaxation (You can feel settled and centered in your body)
  •  Promotes flow of nerve impulses (With proper energy and blood flow, you heal faster and react quicker)
  •  Encourages release of toxins (So you feel healthier)
  •  Improves Sleep (Approach each day feeling rested and relaxed)
  • Pain Relief (So you can go about your day pain-free)
  • More mobility in joints (Freedom of movement)

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