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Clients are the number one focus of R&R Wellness Solutions. We are interested in seeing you thrive, feel better, live fuller lives. We offer two modalities, Reflexology and Colonics that provide relaxation, rejuvenation and give you the energy to love each day to the fullest.

Feel free to browse our pages on Reflexology and Colon Hydrotherapy to learn how these natural therapies can help you heal and optimize your well being.

R&R’s two therapy offerings complement each other. Both reflexology and Colon Hydrotherapy initiate and assist the client with detoxification and elimination, and contribute to all-round good functioning health.



R&R Wellness Solutions

R&R Wellness has the only Colon Hydrotherapy practice in Lethbridge.

AND is the only business offering the synergies of reflexology and colonics in Southern Alberta

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